The attorneys at Phillips Lawyers, have experience handling appeals throughout the state of Florida. Handling appeals requires an intricate and special set of legal skills and a nose for identifying specific instances where an appeal is necessary.  The Firms appellate work achieves results in higher courts, such as courts of appeals and supreme courts.

Appeals are heard by a panel of judges and the Firm’s attorneys must exercise their writing expertise in framing the right issues; reference to pertinent laws, parallel case rulings and precedents, along with detailed analysis of legal errors or insufficient evidence to support verdicts. Unlike other legal practice, appellate law is often focused on written briefs and as such, research and analysis are of the utmost importance.

At Phillips Lawyers, our appellate practice can handle civil appeals throughout the state of Florida and on a Federal level. The Firm has experience with appellate litigation issues before all Florida Courts of Appeal. After thorough review of the record on a particular case, our appeal lawyers will file the notice of appeal with the proper court. We will then prepare the record on appeal for your case as well as the briefs before the appellate courts. Connect with our appeal lawyers to review your case and discuss your appellate case. An appeal may only be based on evidence introduced during the original trial in the lower tribunal. Our attorneys will review the evidence and record thoroughly to ensure that our clients are adequately represented from the beginning through the ruling of the appeal court. Appeals are often a difficult and challenging area of law, but the Firm has the right tools to navigate your appeal successfully.