Labor and Employment


The Firm’s Labor and Employment Department has the capability to fully meet your company’s labor and employment needs. The Firm has developed policy manuals and conducts seminars to train management level employees in the prevention and handling of employee claims for harassment and discrimination. We also counsel employers on all aspects of their relationships with employees and labor unions. The Firm also advises and represents employers in dealings with various State and Federal agencies that regulate employers.

Our Labor and Employment department’s main function is to help clients minimize the amount of time, effort and money spent resolving employment-related problems, so as to permit them to concentrate on their primary business goals. Through counseling, careful planning and execution, confrontation can often be avoided completely. When unavoidable, however, the Section’s aggressive pursuit of focused litigation is an equally effective tool in helping clients achieve their human resource goals in accordance with the law.

The lawyers who comprise the Labor and Employment Department have a broad based background in the resolution of employment-related problems.  Among the services provided to clients are preventive measures, such as the review and revision of personnel policies and employee handbooks, as well as our “Labor Audit,” in which the full range of a business’ employment practices and procedures are reviewed to ensure compliance with the law. Firm lawyers help clients in the resolution of disputes arising under various fair employment practice laws (i.e., discrimination complaints, affirmative action) and in handling various non-compete agreements that limit the scope of employment for an

employee who has left the company. In an effort to encourage our clients to maximize their utilization of the Firm’s preventive counseling, we offer a low cost annual retainer arrangement whereby clients are provided with 24 hour access by telephone for advice at no additional charge. In the event of labor and employment related litigation, clients who have subscribed to this service receive significant discounts on the rates of our entire Litigation Department.