Phillips Lawyers., has years of experience dealing with employment agreements that limit the employee’s ability to continue working in the industry they have just left. A non-compete agreement protects the employer’s legitimate business interests by preventing an employee from using the trade secrets and skills they have acquired at one company for the benefit of another. Florida is one of a few states in the country that permit the existence of these agreements, as they can often feel restrictive and overbearing on employees and seem unfair.


Accordingly, there are very certain ways to either challenge or enforce these agreements; depending on which side you are on. The attorneys at Phillips Lawyers are equipped to provide all the answers you may require when dealing with employment non-compete agreements.

The Firm has provided services for clients that are in need of enforcing these employment non-compete agreements against former employees. We are well versed in the case law and developments in this area that enable employers to challenge their former employees and employees to challenge the agreements validity. This is a quickly changing practice area and it is important to have proper legal guidance when dealing with non-compete agreements in Florida. Both employers and employees face an ever-developing landscape when dealing with non-compete agreements. Our attorneys are able to provide pragmatic solutions and cost-efficient results for our clients. Phillips Lawyers, will gladly handle all your needs when choosing to pursue or challenge the non-compete agreement successfully.