Condominium, Homeowners Association and Equity Club Law

Phillips Lawyers is particularly active in the area of condominium law, the representation of condominium associations, homeowner associations, equity clubs and real estate developers. By virtue of our thorough understanding of Florida’s extensive Condominium Act and Florida’s corporate laws, and our strong working relationship with the regulatory administrative body governing condominiums in the State of Florida, our attorneys provide representation to many condominium and homeowner associations throughout South Florida.


Additionally, our attorneys have gained a reputation for their knowledge in the representation of real estate developers and successor-developers (such as institutional lenders) who involuntarily find themselves holding title to Florida real property interests encumbered by an existing condominium or homeowners’ association regime.

In our representation of condominium and homeowner associations, we attend board of directors and members’ meetings and providing general counsel to the association; review contractual obligations affecting, or desired by, the association such as contracts for building repainting, roof replacement, valet parking service, cable TV and management service and interpreting and preparing existing documentation and amendments to the homeowners’ associations declarations.

With our extensive knowledge of Florida’s corporate laws, and our experience with community association and development regimes, representation of equity clubs and other social and athletic clubs comes natural to the Firm. Our attorneys are proficient in all issues which may arise in an equity club setting including, but certainly not limited to, members’ rights, voting, membership transferability, budget and finances, operations, member eligibility, enforcement of governing documents and member discipline issues.