The attorneys at Phillips Lawyers are well versed in the foreclosure procedures in the state of Florida and how to foreclose liens and a swift manner. Florida is a judicial foreclosure state where the Court rules on all foreclosure cases.


Accordingly, the Firm’s attorneys fully understand the law and procedures necessary to secure clear title for its clients.  Phillips Lawyers also offer unique solutions using business records affidavits instead of witnesses at trial, making costs less for the client and obtaining judgment in a quicker fashion than normal. The firm also helps in obtaining payments from defendants during litigation and settling matters to obtain consent judgments in complex cases.

To further assist its clients, the attorneys at Phillips Lawyers, will review all the title documents and loan origination documents necessary to determine what parties need to be included in the foreclosure lawsuit in order to obtain a judgment, proceed to sale and have title issued to the proper vesting party or a third party purchaser. Our attorneys are also very knowledgeable in a wide variety of areas that affect creditors and servicers and their rights including litigation regarding RESPA, TILA, CFPB, FDCPA violations, and other highly complex issues that creditors face. Along with regular residential foreclosures, the Firm is well equipped to aid its creditor clients by offering an aggressive approach to litigation and resolution of claims.  The Firm has developed an expertise in out-of-Court workouts/ restructuring and representing creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, including automatic stay litigation, enforcement of mortgages and security interests, post-petition financing, claims proceedings, objections, protection of collateral, preferential/fraudulent conveyance litigation and lien priority and avoidance litigation.