Creditors Rights, Reorganization and Workouts


The attorneys at Phillips Lawyers, are available to represent creditors in collections. By working with our creditor’s rights attorneys, we can pursue collection of your money without running into problems trying to collect the debt. Phillips Lawyers attorneys are familiar with laws such as the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.


This federal law governs the manner in which a creditor can contact a debtor, the language they can use, the times they can contact them, and more. Additionally, the Firm has expertise in out-of-Court workouts/ restructuring and representing creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, including automatic stay litigation, enforcement of mortgages and security interests, post-petition financing, claims proceedings, objections, protection of collateral, preferential/fraudulent conveyance litigation and lien priority and avoidance litigation.

The Firm has provided quality legal representation to those seeking to collect monies owed them via other avenues. If collection calls and other methods don’t produce results, the Firm is prepared to file suit and garnish wages from the debtor. Phillips Lawyers also represents creditors in bankruptcy cases and in providing loan restructuring and workouts. Our years of experience handling these types of matters ensure that the Firm provides the best possible client services in an efficient manner. There are a variety of ways the Firm can help creditors recover their monies or property and we will pursue the most pragmatic way possible to restore our clients to the position they were in before lending money or property. Let the attorneys at Phillips, Cantor & Shalek, P.A., show you why we stand above the rest in helping our creditor clients.